New French Government Accused of "Letting Down" Muslim Women - ACV Online - Australian Christian Voices
According to The Guardian website, the new French government headed by Socialist President Francois Hollande has "let down" Muslim women and their hopes for equality within French society.

The accusation comes in the wake of the appointment of 34 year old Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, a Muslim woman of North African origin, as the Minister for Women's Rights in the Hollande cabinet.  Vallaud-Belkacem has been accused of "naivety" and "giving radical governments a bad bame" with her first policy announcement: a pledge to see "prostitution disappear".

Critics have suggested that such a policy would criminalise prostitution and drive it underground, resulting in greater danger to workers in the highly regulated French sex industry.  Other critics have suggested Vallaud-Belkacem ought to focusing on reversing some of the policies of the former Sarkozy government, such as the controversial "burqa ban", as well as improving the rights and living conditions of French Muslim women.

The whole story can be found by clicking here.

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