Australian Christian Voices today issued a media release rejecting statements by the Australian Christian Lobby threatening an “electoral backlash” over the issue of marriage equality.

Pointing out that there was a diversity of views on this and other issues within the Christian community, ACV said that while ACL spoke for people who agreed with their position, they did not speak for wider Christian opinion.

The release also pointed to growing concern that the voice of wider Christian opinion was being marginalised by the views of powerful lobby groups.

“ACV  strongly endorses the statement released earlier this week by the Victorian  Council of Churches (VCC) that no one view should be seen by politicians, the  media, and society as representative of the views of the wider Christian  community,” the statements says. ”The issue of marriage equality is a case in  point.  The ACL’s suggestion of an  “electoral backlash” by Christians is a wild overstatement.”

For the full text of the release is available here:
Media release 10.12.11

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