Uniting Church Indigenous Congress Condemns NT Intervention - ACV Online - Australian Christian Voices
According to the newsite of the 13th Triennial Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, the UCA's Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress has unanimously condemned the ongoing Federal Government intervention in the Northern Territory.

The condemnation comes as part of a report issued by the Congress to the Assembly outlining the ongoing severe disadvantage experienced by indigenous people in housing, health, education, and criminal justice.

The Congress reported that many indigenous people were experiencing despair that, despite the intervention's stated objective of assisting indigenous communities, the appalling inequalities continue to grow worse.

The newsite quotes Ms Gapany Gaykamangu describing the intervention as an "indiscriminate flood".  “The Northern Territory Intervention of 2007 came like a flood and inundated our communities”, said Ms Gaykamangu. “And this flood that came, it doesn’t discriminate. Whether we are living lawful lives or unlawful lives, it doesn’t discriminate.”

The full story can be accessed here.

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